How To Go From $0 To $40k/Month 
in The Next 90 Days Or LESS...

Even if you DON'T currently have an offer OR a biz model...

Let's Get You To $40k/mo And Then 
To $100k/mo And Beyond!

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6-Figure Customers


Multi 6-Figure Customers

The number 1. reason why most agency owners fail...

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The number 1. reason why most fail...

Entrepreneurs fail because they solve their business variables in the wrong order. They ask the wrong questions first... 'What service should I offer', 'How should I sign clients / customers?'.

This results in the entrepreneur never solving for product-market fit which ultimately results in them chasing their tail trying to get something off the ground but routinely stagnating and plateauing. 

Why customers are PROFITABLE from Day 1

The system is a bulletproof process that guarantees you'll not only be profitable from day 1 but also will be able to scale to $100k/mo and beyond. 

How? Because in order to go from $0 to $40k/mo and then to $100k/mo and beyond, there are a set of variables at play. The system forces you to solve each variable before you move on. This makes it nearly impossible to not scale.

Here is what the system covers...

(ensuring we solve for each variable / step)

Solving for product-market fit (even with no existing niche)
Validating your niche + transformation by signing 2-5 beta customers
Building a proof of concept (reliably deliver your niches desired transformation)

Installing an inside sales team (appointment setters + sales reps)
Scaling to $100k/mo by installing paid traffic infrastructures and optimizing for efficiency

Let's Get You To $40k/mo And Then 
To $100k/mo And Beyond!

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The kind of results

our students get

 is a simple, scaleable, 5-step system that works

Find Product-Market Fit

1. Identify A Niche / Market And Their Threat Level One Issue
2. Validate Problem By Signing 2-5 Beta Clients (Sell Before Building)
3. Find A Mechanism and Build A Proof Of Concept
4. Productize Proven Mechanism By Creating SOPs

Build Client Acquisition Assets

1. Organic Audience (IG / FB / YT)
2. FB Group (Built Off Organic Audience)
3. Craft Content Schedule
4. Build Value Content (Conversion Mechanisms)

Flood Calendar With Qualified Booked Calls

1. Leverage Audience + Content
2. Build Appointment Setting DM Systems
3. Outbound Prospecting
4. Retargeting Audience With Paid Ads

Scale Sales System With Inside Sales Team

1. Build Sales Process + Script
2. Install Appointment Setter
3. Hire Sales Rep And Ramp
4. Build Sales System To Perform At Scale (Between Setter + Rep)

Productize Biz (Mechanism) + Scale To $100k/Mo (Traffic + Team)

1. Ensure Offer Scales (Market + Mechanism)
2. Automate Delivery Of Mechanism 
3. Hire Where It Hurts
4. Increase Volume Of Organic + Introduce Paid Traffic Funnels


My name is Kai Bax and I used to run an E-commerce Agency which I scaled to $100k/mo and given its success, I started the leading E-commerce agency program on earth which showed our customers how to start and scale their Ecomm SMMA to multi 6 figs. 

Over a space of 12 months we acquired close to 1000 customers and became the go to people for that respective niche. 

At this scale, we quickly realised that 1. saturation was becoming an issue and 2. by default people were choosing 'Ecomm SMMA' rather than identifying a niches respective threat level one issue and solving for that. 

This is when we launched which takes our customers from $0 to $40k/mo and then to $100k/mo and beyond by solving for product market fit (in any niche), installing an inside sales team and scaling through increasing offer + mechanism efficiency and installing paid advertising infrastructures. 

Let's Get You To $40k/mo And Then To $100k/mo And Beyond!

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Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

  • Is Suited To Me If I'm Already At $50k+/Month?Currently as of writing this, we're sat at around $200k+/month. If you're at $50k-$100k then you're in a perfect position because that'll typically mean you've found product market fit which means you're ready to push the gas and scale hard. The biggest breakthroughs we've found with our customers who're at $50k+/mo come from:

    1. Ensuring your offer scales (through the lens of your market cap + the efficiency of your mechanism). Typically, DFY based bizzes can't scale past $100k/mo so we help customers restructure their offer to one that's more suited to hitting $200k - $300k months. 2. Installing key hires (sales teams, operation managers, customer success teams, etc.) to run the biz so that you as the entrepreneur can channel your focus into creating assets / content / and product development. 3. Ramping the eye-balls you get on your offers. Most effectively done through paid ads + influencer marketing.

    By helping our customers implement those 3 main ideas, $200k+ months become a simple byproduct.
  • Will This Work Even If I Have No Prior Experience?
    Typically, the niche that’s best suited to you is the one where you have most experience / you have ‘been there, done that’ / you have the most skills or expertise. Identifying niches and markets and their threat level one issues requires you to have a deep understanding of that particular market and if you: Was that niche... Are that niche... Have a high amount of experience in that niche... Or obtain a high amount of skills / expertise (that others want access to)...

    If you can’t identify a particular niche and their threat level one issues based on previous transformations you’ve made / your experience or your skills and expertise, etc. the next best step is to: 1. Conduct research into industries you’re familiar with / are passionate about and use 'The Equation Formula' to guide your identification process 2. Speak with people in said industries and understand where their pain points lie and why they are struggling to achieve their specific desired transformation (if you don’t know what their DT is, ask) 3. You can also jump on a call with people in the market to get an even deeper understanding of their current and desired situations.

Build an unbreakable business.

Generate scalable results.

Let's Get You To $40k/mo And Then To $100k/mo And Beyond!

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